44 Cats, a purrfect toy review?


44 Cats are completely new to our household. We are starting to really love the cat-tastic adventures of the furry fellows Lampo, Milady, Pilou and MeatBall and the goings-on of their band ‘The Buffycats’. The show is Pop TV, from Monday and is on at 8:00 and 16:45.

As we (the adults) knew we were going to have at least one rainy holiday, day we secretly packed the box we’d received to review into the boot.  Although Emily is ten, Luke and her do so much together so I knew they were items that they would both enjoy. Luke has become inseparable from Pilou (soft toy) and Emily is also a lover of the soft toy version of Meatball.

Firstly though the Club House Playsets available from The Entertainer with an RRP of £17.00. Check out other toy shops too as some are having some great sales at the moment.

Lampo’s playset was first out of his packaging. He is apparently the coolest looking and is both the lead singer and guitarist of the band and his playset is the shape of a guitar too. The figure can be positioned as it has movable limbs. There is a chair on top of the guitar case which can be moved a little bit by touching a little redfish, however the five year old wasn’t very impressed with this bit, maybe an ejector seat motion would be better? With every set, there is a dish of spaghetti and meatballs not unlike a loved cat character from my own past – ‘Garfield’ with his love of lasagne. Again, Luke isn’t convinced it looks like spaghetti and meatballs and would be disappointed if I gave him meatballs that small.

Hours have already been spent pretending Lampo soft toy and figurine keep morphing into each other.

Next came Milady which we kept using the voice of Parker the butler from Thunderbirds (gosh I am showing my age but the children think I’m hilarious, so all is well). Milady is Lampo’s best friend. She’s a little bit of a fashionista on the show and so the favourite of Emily. Her playset has a great little hidey-hole and she comes with some sunglasses that I think will be lost really quickly.

Luke keeps making Milady and Lampo kiss and it makes him giggle a lot which in turns makes us all laugh and so the circle continues.

The third playset is that of Pilou, the drummer. Luke’s reaction of ‘arrr she’s cute’ sums her up. Her bed is innards of a drumkit and her moveable windmills are so fab. Albeit the children’s least fav I have a soft spot.

We loved the size of the figures and go along with the ‘handbag-friendly’ rule we have in force, i.e. if it doesn’t fit in my handbag or one of the children’s backpacks it isn’t coming along for the journey no matter the pleading (head to Instagram for a photo of Lampo in my handbag).

The soft musical toys

We were given two so hurrah no fighting. The musical soft toys are eight inches tall and all four main characters can be collected. Squeezing their tummy’s starts the theme tune of 44 Cats. I know the box didn’t state it but we were kind of expecting a little more conversation but Luke seemed to get over this really quickly and happily dances. Currently, the soft toys appear to be out of stock at The Entertainer and Argos but can be found on Amazon here’s the link to Meatball.

Overall thoughts

Luke is happy to find a new programme and the associated merchandise. At five he is picking up and choosing to play 44 Cats characters alongside his beloved Paw Patrol and Batman figurines I’m sure Lampo is now Batman’s sidekick instead of Robin.

Also, a huge parental relief, you can turn off the music in the musical toys which is great as Luke likes taking Lampo to bed too.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items by Simba Toys UK for the purposes of this review. Opinions are our own (The adults: Suzanne and Richard, The Children: Emily (10) and Luke (5).

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