Casdon Cord-free Dyson Review


Remember when your toddlers got excited at the thought of cleaning up and putting their things away? When does that stop? I can’t actually pinpoint the exact time but Luke is definitely more about getting as many toys out at a time, then putting them away at the end of the day.

He also only places items like wrappers next to the bin as he doesn’t like the smell. He did pick up the vacuum once to see what all the fuss was about but it was short-lived and I didn’t pursue it. I’m definitely guilty of letting the littlest one-off.

It’s time to re-educate my little lad before he deems cleaning as, ‘woman’s work’ (his daddy does the ironing in our house so it’s a few years yet before he’s taught how to do that). In comes the Dyson cord-free vacuum from Casdon a replica of the full-sized version.

Unboxing didn’t pique Luke’s attention too much I’m starting to think I may have left it a little late albeit he’s only five. He did get more interested when batteries were added (three x AA batteries are required but not supplied) and then he was off to find some bits to pick up.

There are two different attachments, a short nozzle or long-handled ‘twist & turn’ cleaning. Both attachments have an easy release removal system which Luke was able to master himself, younger children may need assistance. The working suction picks up small bits and there’s a debris compartment to empty it out too, don’t expect picking up huge amounts though, remember this is ‘role-play’ and not real life.

This is a great role play toy and I think it is most suitable for a three to four year old and due to the small parts it is not recommended as suitable for under-threes which could cause a choking risk.

We will be gifting this item to a local nursery who I’m sure will get lots and lots of use from it as it is, or at least appears to be a well made and robust toy.


We were provided with the Dyson cord-free from Casdon ‘Little Helper’ range for the purpose of review, all opinion is our own.



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