Ready, steady, sweets…..

*AD- The Casdon Pick ‘N’ Mix Shop is a PR sample

July was Mr. Moo Moos birthday and this year he turned five. He’s missed so much from his reception year and like so many other parties, his was cancelled.

He got many more presents then he would usually including some from ‘Casdon’, including the Pick ‘N’ Mix shop and the Casdon, Dyson Cord Free Replica vacuum. As I knew they were arriving I ensured we bought nothing similar.

The Pick ‘N’ Mix shop comes from the Little Shoppers role-play range which includes ten different products including; till, post office, money, groceries, basket, trolley, supermarket and fruit and veg.

The children can choose their very own ‘Pick & Mix’ sweets – or become the shopkeeper to serve their family (and friends when allowed)! There’s a display counter with a till and scales to weigh their items. Also included: two sweet jars, scoop, coins and banknotes. There’s also a selection of sweets and lollipops.

Developmental benefits

This Pick & Mix Sweet Shop has been specially designed by Casdon to provide fun and stimulation so your Little Shopper will feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.

  • Roleplay activities for exploring imagination and developing social skills
  • Bright colours for visual stimulation
  • Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • Different functions for understanding cause and effect
  • Accessories and components develop problem-solving and motor skills
  • Different features encourage exploration and discovery
  • Weighing and money for development of early counting skills

What Luke thought

Luke loves getting his new things that spark his imagination. I was out of the room when Luke and his bigger cousin opened the sweet shop box and they must have egged each other on as before I knew it all of the sweets had been taken out and eaten with the exception of lollipops of which he’s never been fond.

In ten years of blogging, this is the first time that this has happened and I needed to pop to the shops for a refill of sweets to enable us to complete the review.

The next outing of the shop was a week later, we assembled the few parts that there was and started playing with the replenished goodies. Luke and I played for ages. We’d created a mini shopping list, made bags and made up a shop sign, ‘Luke’s Lollipop Shop’ quite ironic really as, as mentioned earlier Luke isn’t fond of lollies.

We took it in turn to be the ‘keeper of the sweets’, Luke chose both of our sweets and placed them on the scales. The scale was marked 0-5 but ours never went past the midpoint so we counted the sweets too so we didn’t encourage overindulgence.

The sweetshop has an RRP of £8 and can be purchased in several places including Smyths Toys.

The toy money has been replaced with real money as we are trying to give Luke a better understanding of the cost of everything around him.

The concept of the Sweet Shop is live and kicking a couple of weeks on but it’s extending and we are saving all small jars to make a bigger shop.

This is a great price as a party present alas I tend not to buy sweets for children due to allergies etc so it would have to be bought for someone we knew well.

Thank you Casdon.

Disclaimer: sent by Casdon Toys UK for review purposes. Our opinion remains our own.

No batteries required. Suitable for ages 3+.


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