So I popped into the Kiko Cosmetics store in Eldon Square the other day because they had a sale on. I am easily swayed and this was my second visit.

On the hunt for nail varnish remover, I was distracted by lip scrubs, cream blusher, eyebrow fibres and finally owning some cleanser that would remove their eye-liner.

*Note to self: DO NOT waste ££s on cleanser or raid Suzanne’s multitude of stock but buy the product that’s designed to compliment, it saves a whole load of time and effort.

Kiko Cosmetics are such an inexpensive brand but really are rather good. Of the products on show, I particularly love the Rebel Bouncy Blush. Using fingers to apply, the coverage is great, natural and lasts all day. The case is very pretty and with 50 percent off it was £4.90*.

The Power Pro nail lacquer is almost gel-like in appearance and the wide brush means you cover all your nail in one go. I love neutral colours and this is lovely for work.

The eyebrow fibres fill in missing spaces and set your brows. Be careful not to get too vigorous with your application or you’ll end up with streaks up your forehead!

Scrubbing my lips for the first time was really weird. I didn’t enjoy it and used too much product so my lips were sore. The second time was better; just use a little bit and don’t over-rub. And use some lip balm afterwards. I’ll definitely only need to do it once a week.

All in all Kiko you lured me in due to your sale but you’ve now gained a repeat customer, now isn’t that what every brand wants?

Nicola xx

*Prices correct  February 2016


When I was a teacher, the holidays were planned for us. And let me say, they were always very much needed by the children as well as the staff!

Working for myself, I’ve made a conscious decision to stick to the school holiday timetable (without the six week summer holiday of course) but having a mini-break to look forward to every six weeks keeps me fresh and is just great I make sure we travel outside school holiday times.

Suzanne and I had the pleasure of attending the launch event of Barrhead Travel , an independent travel agents who have opened their first branch outside of Scotland in Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle. The staff were all super friendly, professional and knowledgeable, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can offer for a girl’s weekend away for us.


Amongst all the nibbles and flowing wine, I found myself staring at the beautiful image of Venice on their wall, daydreaming about my next trip away, so far this year we’ve headed to Rome and have Nice to look forward too.

Amongst the guests it was lovely to catch up with Sandra Tang who is off on her own very exciting round-the-world trip in a matter of weeks (we really are VERY jealous Sandie!) she was also lucky enough to win one of the prizes on offer – a mini DFDS break. Suzanne had her fingers crossed for the Emirates flights, well who wouldn’t, they would have been perfect for a honeymoon! Suzanne has always loved to travel and realised she would be spending together forever with her H2B whilst travelling round the world. Although her plans are more moderate now having to accommodate two little ones taking time to travel will always be a priority in her life. STA used to be her agency of choice but Barrhead Travel is definitely more attune to the needs of a forty plus lady.


Needless to say but we think it’s so important to take time out and travel, whether this be to the other side of the planet or just around the corner. To coin Nike – ‘Just Do It’.

Where are you heading to this year? We’d love to be inspired by your favourite trips.