kiehls ultra facial creamI love Kiehl’s.

Before Christmas I bought a jar of off-the-shelf moisturiser from the supermarket. I’m over 40 and using moisturiser is now an essential. I’d run out of Kiehl’s and it was on my Christmas list.

The product in question smelled like 4 week old potpourri and was pink (I’m 41 I do not need pink moisturiser). So I returned to the said shop and bought another jar from a different brand. Which saw a repeat of the same situation. (What is it with pink, stinky moisturiser that costs nearly a tenner a jar?).
On my third attempt I bought some, non-pink, non-stinky, moisturiser for sensitive skin. But it’s thin, not at all creamy and I’m now using it for my feet.

Total spend waste = £28

Back to my love for Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It does not smell. It it not pink. You need use only a little on your face. It feels luxurious. If I use it on an evening, my skin looks lovely in the morning. It is more expensive (£24 for a 50ml pot) that the other three put together but lasts for ages.

I love all the freebies you get when you buy. I love the brightly coloured packaging.

But most of all I love that is really does what it’s supposed to, which is moisturise my skin. This little lot will last until my birthday in April, where upon I’ll encourage my nearest and dearest to buy some for me to get me through the summer.

And in the meantime, I’m off to try the Grapefruit body scrub as it sounds delightful.

You’ll have gathered that this is not a sponsored post!

Nic x

War Paint Makeup bag from Smudge by JillyWhen Jill sent this parcel to our office, I got to thinking about our first meeting and just how different things are now.

It was a couple of years ago, I was delivering digital training across Yorkshire and she was working on the same programme. We connected immediately, two northern chatty lasses having a right banter!

Time rolls forward and she’s been a busy lady designing websites for businesses but also following her passion to launch her own cosmetics and skincare range.

Which is no mean feat.

I was genuinely over the moon to receive the parcel, all beautifully wrapped in brand colour tissue and tied with raffia string. I felt really proud of this gutsy lass.

Hidden within the parcel was a 100ml tube of Natural Tea Tree and Lemon Face Wash, £12 and a fab makeup bag emblazoned with War Paint (true enough most days!) which retails at £10.

The face wash is lush. A really subtle mix of tea tree and lemon, the lemon fragrance wins out for me, handy as I love fruity fragrances. My face felt really clean after using it and it’s especially good for oily skin (mine isn’t so I’d probably use the product every other day).

Jilly is developing a full range of skincare products and hand poured soy candles which are cruelty free, only tested on humans, organic and the ingredients are sourced in the UK.  Next on my list to try; the scrumptious looking lip balm and glosses.

If you’re keen to support small, local businesses, then jump over to Jilly’s website and take a look around.


bodhi and birch

Suzanne and I have known Elijah Choo the founder of Bodhi & Birch  for many years and the products within his great British brand are up there amongst our favourite skincare.

The beauty industry is a competitive world but Bodhi & Birch have maintained their ethics and principles; namely using the very finest ingredients which are ethically sourced without cheap additives.

The fragrances in this skincare range all natural. You can tell the difference between them and other brands who favour synthetic counterparts; they just smell real! The oils in all the products are the very highest quality and they’ve been formulated to relax, invigorate and match (or improve) your mood.

‘Eco-luxury bath, body and skincare designed to awaken your mind, indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual to produce a range of luxurious skincare products.’

A little goes a long way with Bodhi & Birch skincare, so whilst the prices don’t match your average supermarket off-the-shelf products, they’ll last a long time. And there’s nothing just average about this range!

It’s difficult to say which is my favourite. The Ginger Brew Deep Tissue Massage and Body Oil is fabulous, neither too masculine nor feminine in fragrance, its superior quality means it doesn’t run out mid way through your massage. Our skin was left supple and soft for the following 24 hours after use and all of the niggling shoulder pain disappeared.

I adore the zesty Lime Blossom Hand Serum, the lime really awakens the senses and now a firm favourite. (I have a bit of a hand cream obsession, there are tubes in every bag, on my desks, in every bathroom…).

The Siam Ginger Bath and Shower Therapy is another vitalising product, not over-powering ginger just enough to help make getting out of bed and off to work a more pleasant experience. And it’s not too feminine a fragrance either, so if you have a man in your life they’ll probably want to . It doesn’t dry my skin and leave me itchy and scratchy. Just clean.

Neroli may not be my favourite fragrance but I love using high quality facial oils as part of my morning routine, and this one is absorbed so easily. It’s a real treat for tired skin. I think Suzanne will commander this for herself as she adores Neroli .

Bodhi & Birch was founded by the lovely Elijah Choo, who brings together Eastern and Western skincare and well-being philosophies in each of his expertly blended products. Each ingredient is ethically sourced from sustainable origins and are made in England.

At the moment there is a special offer on the Body Oil & Shower Therapy Duo – pop over to their website to check it out.

Nic x