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I have embraced turning 40. It’s been a cracking year. Highlights include: me faux pants

1. I’m happiest than I’ve ever been. The rest of this list exists because of this one, undisputable fact. Sharing life with so many wonderful people in it, makes me a very lucky lady.
2. I work harder than I ever had. And am more focused than I have ever been.
3. I will always, if possible, work for myself.
4. I am acutely aware of time passing. And making sure moments count.
5. I’m passionate about helping other women in business to feel confident in their own abilities and embrace all that digital technology can offer.
6. At some point in the day I always acknowledge how lucky I am.
7. I like speaking to big groups of people.
8. I stick up for what I think is right.
9. I acknowledge what I am good at and am happy to say it out loud.
10. I know what I am rubbish at and am happy to ask for help.
11. I care far less about what people think of me. I happily acknowledge I am not everyone’s cup of tea.
12. I spend my hard-earned on things made to last rather than loads of cheap stuff. I value quality.
13. I own two white pairs of jeans. For 2 decades I wouldn’t put my backside in them.
14. I own faux leather trousers. They were my best buy in 2015.
15. I freely indulge my shoe obsession.
16. Travel has become a really important part of my life.
17. I love digital technology and want to be part of it rather than left behind.
18. I’m not fit enough.
19. I own a bona fide pair of Ray Bans.
20. I often work from the bath.

If you’re reading this and you’re approaching 40, don’t worry about it in the slightest. And if you’re already there, what would you add to this list?

Nicola x

You know how it is right? Relationships take work.

Take us, Suzanne and Nicola. We’ve been best mates since 2000 (well, that’s when we met but after a pretty rocky start, we’ve been inseparable ever since). There were lots of parties. Lots of nights out. Nights in. A few tears. And lots of laughter.

Lots has changed since our fairly normal, hedonistic 20’s and life changing 30’s.

Boyfriends, engagements, house buying, job changing, travelling, marriage, launching businesses, divorce, children, folding businesses, finding new love and dare we say it… HAPPINESS. Oh and we’ve turned 40 too.

The one constant for us has always been the sofa; the chat, the drinks and the love and laughter.

How often do you hear (or say) ‘There just isn’t enough time’? We’re all so busy trying to keep up, we seem to forget to make time to sit down on those sofas with a cup of tea and have a good chinwag.

So, welcome to #SofaStories. Join us as we chat, review, relax and write (with each other and our partners and family) from sofas all around the North East and farther afield.

We hope you enjoy.

Suzanne & Nicola