Meet the story teller and characters

Hello, thanks for stopping by to find out a bit more about Sofa Stories and the lives you will be reading the stories of.

Here’s a little about your narrator and main characters

The narrator: Suzanne/Suz NEVER Susan! 

I’m me. Suzanne first, then all of my titles come a close second (mummy, partner, daughter, auntie, best friend). 5’4″ (164cm) and a size 5 (38) shoe – two stats that won’t change unless I shrink I guess – when I wrote this I thought that it was true but you’ll find that I’m choosing a bigger shoe size for comfort these days.

I have two beautiful children, Emily (born March 2010) and Luke (born July 2015). I live with Richard, my long-suffering partner and my fav drinking and travelling buddy.

In late 2015, I was included in the #NETwitterati as one of the most influential Tourism Tweeters in the North East (I know seven years has passed but it’s gone in a flash).

The main characters


He’s often talked about in posts but is the quieter one of the two of us. He loves to travel even more than I if that’s possible. He’s a great daddy. He loves his mam and really cares about his family.

Emily Elizabeth Boobop (I will be told off if I leave off Boobop)

Thirteen going on 16. She is a shining light who really doesn’t like the limelight but I am very lucky that I get to see her secret precocious side.

When she grows up she wants to be a wedding dress/clothes designer and a pub owner too. Her current passion is performing synchronised swimming.

Luke William – Mr. Fox and Mr. Moo Moo

Eight and into everything. He has the palest of skin and blue eyes just like his sister but has beautiful red hair.

When he grows up he wants to be kung foo police man.

In the past, we have been Brand Ambassador for Baby Moov and is a Brit Mum Pro.

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