Making a come back

Everything is going to be alright

If you follow @sofa_stories or @suzannewhelan on Twitter, you might know that I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and too exhausted to post regularly. However, I’ve still been tweeting because I do enjoy a chat.

I had to have my gallbladder removed, but then my body decided to throw pancreatitis into the mix. It turns out I’ve been quite unlucky, as pancreatitis is fairly uncommon. My three separate hospital stays in just four weeks have been a real challenge for my little family.

I’m improving day by day, though the doctor has advised me to take a couple more weeks off work. Right now, I’m typing from my sofa because it’s comfortable, and if I need a nap, I don’t have to move (plus, it’s half-term and the children are being taken care of).

In April, I’ll be slowly easing back into things. By May, I’ll be ready to catch up in a big way.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Suz from the sofa now I’m off to write some more stories.


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