Handmade soap from Northumbria

Handmade soap

Having very fussy skin means that I have to be really careful what I put on it. Anything rammed with loads of additional ingredients which I can’t read, just irritate and make me itch.

Natural soap tends to cause fewer problems, so I was excited to try these bars from Oakwood Soaperie. My favourite fragrance is definitely the Carrot & Orange which surprisingly is also packed with Greek yoghurt as well as fresh organic carrot and citrus essential oils.

Mike preferred the fragrance of the Honey & G’oat which is particularly suitable for sensitive skin like mine as it contains no essential oils, but is packed with Northumbrian Honey, Goat’s milk and oats.

The soap isn’t drying and has left my hands feeling smooth and lovely. Looking at the size of the bar on the sink in the bathroom,  I reckon it will see me through to the autumn!

£3.95  for 100g

Nic x



  1. 24th January 2016 / 7:20 pm

    Ohh, I’m so delighted you like them all. Thank you for such a fab write up too. May your mittens continue to be softened and your senses delighted ?

    • Nicola
      31st January 2016 / 4:11 pm

      I loved them all. And the clean and soft feeling after using them. Thanks Ceri xx Nic

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