Green neutralises red. Let’s hope so!

Using green CC cream to neutralise red

Me and my 40 year old face are doing just fine. I’m very comfortable with my happy lines. Smiling is just so good for you and everyone looking at you! So the happy lines can stay. But I’m not keen on the redness in my cheeks or those pesky brown spots.

I’ll admit to being late to the “Use Green To Tone Red” show. But anyway, I’m catching up now so I’m trialling some alternatives to see if the redness really does get masked. I’m not going to write about the science of the colour wheel and what colour product you need to cover what, as this fab blog at Behind The Scenes Makeup does that and frankly, I just want to know if if works (No Patience Nicola).

I have very specific red patches in my skin, with a couple of brown patches for good measure so I pondered (for all of one second) using this product all over my face. But you can only really tell by having a go, so using my foundation brush, I set to it.

I was fairly happy with the toning down; what do you think?

Once I’d recovered from the “ghostly shock” and blended the CC cream, the redness was definitely toned down and, an added bonus, it stayed put all day too. The coverage in the end was a little darker than the products I use normally, so it took a bit of blending but overall, I was really happy with the evenness of my entire face.

The product I tried was from the L’Oreal Nude Magique range. I’d definitely give it a 4/5 as the price isn’t off-putting at £9.99.

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