How to: choose your hair stylist; adulting 101?

Part one of two.

Seriously, I might be the wrong person to ask.

Getting my hair ‘done’ is not enjoyable to me. It’s simply a means to an end as who doesn’t like their hair looking lovely?

The whole experience is a sensory overload. Sounds, smells, touch, hair going in my face, noise, so many voices vying for attention over a hairdryer. Even being offered a drink can throw me so I often say, ‘no it’s ok’ rather than ‘yes please’ as explaining my allergies is annoying to me never mind other people.

Another thing, you take so many photos you discuss what you would like, and the stylist often shatters your illusions. You have the wrong type of hair, your wave/kink affects the style and then you leave with a style that isn’t really what you were after. The thought of being in the seat any longer, makes you feel worse though. You say thank you, pay, tip, and leave, and in my case sometimes never return.

When was my last hair cut?

That would be August 2022. In September 2022 I got a message from my hairdresser to say she was leaving hairdressing completely. REALLY!!

It had only taken me six months of research to decide to go to them and I’d only had a couple of cuts. They were never going to make a fortune from me but, but I might have been a nice break from the clients who see their hair stylist as their therapist too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m not one for small talk.

By August 2023 I still hadn’t had a hair cut, September and October came and went too. During these 14 months of hair growth I started looking for a new stylist. There were other stylists at the same salon but I decided I had to go somewhere new, go figure. Whilst my daughter took it in her stride about changing hair stylist I had a complete and utter wobble. Ridiculous really when it’s a rarity but each hair cut is a nod to me doing something to conform to the expected norms of being presentable, rather than something I truly enjoy.

Stylist/colourist or both?

I became ridiculously invested in hair colourists. It’s a well-known fact my H2B isn’t a fan of my greying hair and as both of our mums have coloured their hair for decades it had been the expected ‘norm’ that you would still have the same colour hair in your 70’s as you did in your 20’s. But of late I haven’t been feeling my hair. My grey hair blends so well on freshly washed and dried days but on others, the texture and look isn’t great.

I spent hours looking for a stylist or a salon that resonated with me. A Pinterest board was collated and recommendations were requested. I only had a couple of prerequisites.

  1. Budget £75 for a cut and colour (there is a £25 contingency)
  2. The salon must be within one hours drive.
  3. If you’ve given a recommendation I have to really like your colour and/or cut, or at least see the skill.

I narrowed it down to three salons and did a reccy of them. As required I got a skin test done in my preferred salon. On Thursday the 16th of November I am going to be getting va va voomed and only then will you see who I chose, and why.

Next time:

Watch out for part two of this article which will be published on the 17th of November in celebration of my 48th birthday.

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