New to me hair – an emotional update.

Today it’s my 48th birthday and yesterday I did a, ‘new to me’ thing. You can read the build up here.

I’d always planned to grow old greyly (never graciously) but as more and more white stuff started appearing on my head I started to feel old as I looked older, and I’m not quite ready for that.

Walking into Pink Lemon I was so nervous. I’d never met my stylist in real life I’d just loved her and her mentors work from afar on Instagram. As I was greeted my nerves eased off. I was just on time for my appointment an absolute rarity for me. Little Ellie was running a little late but that was ok as it got me used to my surrounding and more relaxed.

I got robed and seated and then had a consultation with Ellie and the salon owner was near by who assisted even though Ellie was absolutely able to answer my questions. I’d discussed covering the grey right up to the roots, it was explained that they could do this but they would use two different techniques. I’m sorry I didn’t fully take in what they were.

Historically after washing it would be time to cut but instead my hair was dried as it was explained to me that it’s better to cut on dry hair as you can see how the hair moves rather then being dragged into position.

From start to finish the session took just over three hours which went quite quickly as I took a book along with me, Melanie Sykes – Illuminated.

When my hair was revealed I loved it but I do wish I’d gone shorter without the slight flecks of light brown/ginger but for a first colour I think it’s great. During consultation I’d discussed going a lot shorter but despite not having a hair cut in 14 months the condition of my hair was good.

Here’s a huge photo of the after.

Price: £55 – Ellie was in the final month of her apprenticeship and had a special offer on. I will find out what the full price following apprenticeship completion.

Why was it emotional? My little boy is not fond of change and when I picked him up from school he really couldn’t deal with me changing so much (in his eyes). He asked, no, begged me to go back and go back to being his mummy. He wouldn’t have cuddles or kisses from me.

By the next day thankfully he was ok and accepted albeit still didn’t like the change but in life the only consistency is change unfortunately.

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