Relaxation required: time to call in the catch up

It’s official I’ve hit burnout. You know the one you seem to work all of the time with limited sleep and even more limited exercise.

November is my birthday month and traditionally I go away with H2B for it but this year myself and my wonderfully fabulous best friend Nicola are spending some much needed quality time together. You see despite being best friends it’s a rarity that we actually see each other. It’s often fleeting moments and we always say we need to make the time but the time does just disappear.

Nicola left and Suzanne right

Something that came up in my Facebook feed was entitled ‘Dear Friend, I’m sorry for being so rubbish’ and it resonates a lot and apart from the reference of the cat I could have written this.

Dear Friend (Nicola),

I am sorry for being so bloody rubbish.

But you see, life moves really – REALLY – fast.

From the minute I open my eyes there are two small people, several big people and even some animals (hamsters) who are relying on me for many different reasons. Some of them involve eating and basic survival.

I am spinning plates and dropping plenty. You, my dear friend are one of those plates.

But I love you very much.

I wish that every text message I wrote to you in my head made it into the virtual space and into your phone to let you know you’re in my heart and on my mind.

I wish I could carry through with all the plans we make, knowing we never will. I go there in my mind – it’s loads of fun.

When I drop, frazzled, into bed at night, I remember I haven’t rung you, again.

Then I remember I haven’t locked the back door or brought the cat in and just like that, it’s happened again and I have forgotten, again.

I am very hopeful that one day life will be easier and we will be blessed with plenty of time for laughing, drinking and sharing.

Stick with me,

I promise I will be worth it – when we are old and grey and you need someone to laugh with in the nursing home.

I’m there.

Yours Loyally,

Your bloody rubbish friend

(Written by Donna Ashworth and shared on Facebook via Ladies Pass It On

I simply can’t wait to recharge my batteries and get to spend time, drinking, eating, sleeping and being me, with a lady who doesn’t judge me and will always be their for me come what may.

Thank goodness for friendship, loyalty and love and while it may forever be tested the 18 years of threads we’ve woven together are strong but we know that they can be broken without kindness and nurture.

Reach out to someone today and share a virtual coffee with them as, contact is key and time is precious. 


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