Simple pleasures, things to make you smile in January…

Sunset over the River Tyne Sept 2015The most often repeated phrase in my family this month has been “the nights are starting to get lighter”. Which of course they are by about 15 minutes a week depending on where you live.

This one fact cheers everyone in my family up. The chatter is focussed on getting back to our caravan when the site opens again. Walking up hills. Springtime. Things to look forward to.

But surely there has to be something good about January ?!

To try and stop living waiting for it to be April, I’ve been writing down everything that gives me pleasure right now.

  • Positive resolutions
  • Flowers in the kitchen
  • Doing crosswords each night
  • Fresh sheets on the bed
  • Making time to¬†eat tea together
  • A really nice coffee on a morning
  • The view of the river Tyne at work
  • A tidy office
  • Getting excited about going to London to see family

And of course, the days getting longer!

Nic x



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