At 40 we realise that we need to take care of our selves and our skin. We love our laughter lines but would like to keep them under wraps naturally for as long as possible!

We’ll  love trial most new cosmetics and products on the market, but be warned, we’re honest about the results.

New to me hair – an emotional update.

Today it’s my 48th birthday and yesterday I did a, ‘new to me’ thing. You can read the build up here. I’d always planned to grow old greyly (never graciously) but as more and more white stuff started appearing on my head I started to feel old as I looked older, and I’m not quite…

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How to: choose your hair stylist; adulting 101?

Part one of two. Seriously, I might be the wrong person to ask. Getting my hair ‘done’ is not enjoyable to me. It’s simply a means to an end as who doesn’t like their hair looking lovely? The whole experience is a sensory overload. Sounds, smells, touch, hair going in my face, noise, so many…

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Joan Collins at Marks & Spencer

I still remember receiving my very first make up palates from my Aunty Chris. I think I was 14 and I got three perfectly beautiful pallets from Marks & Spencer. They were mine all mine and I coveted them as though they were the crown jewels. If I look hard enough in my old bedroom which is…

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Eyebrow favourites

If someone took the time out to explain HD brows to me I still wouldn’t get them. There are going to be many girls who’ll look back at photos of their HD eyebrows in a few years time and ask why nobody stopped them. Still, there’s nothing quite as ageing as narrow, patchy eyebrows that…

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Wow. These 3D Moodstruck Fibre Lashes from House of Exquisiteness at Younique are frankly amazing. Check out the before and after results below. There’s no doubt that they make a statement! I’ve never used any fibre lash product so had no idea what to expect. The first stage is to use the transplanting gel as…

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