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New to me hair – an emotional update.

Today it’s my 48th birthday and yesterday I did a, ‘new to me’ thing. You can read the build up here. I’d always planned to grow old greyly (never graciously) but as more and more white stuff started appearing on my head I started to feel old as I looked older, and I’m not quite…

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How to: choose your hair stylist; adulting 101?

Part one of two. Seriously, I might be the wrong person to ask. Getting my hair ‘done’ is not enjoyable to me. It’s simply a means to an end as who doesn’t like their hair looking lovely? The whole experience is a sensory overload. Sounds, smells, touch, hair going in my face, noise, so many…

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TEDxNewcastle is almost here

I am looking forward to this weekend so much and the amazing lineup on offer. On Friday I am, ‘Kickstartin my Innovation Creation with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®! hosted by Terry McStea from Design Network North. Saturday – I’m heading to TEDxNewcastle for session one. This includes Neuroscientist Comedian Sophie Scott, Procrastination Analyst – Fuschia Sirois,…

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A period review revisited.

In 2009 I wrote a series of articles called, ‘A period review’. I tried and tested sanitary products over six months in the seventh month, no period = pregnant with my little girl.  Twelve years on, my little girl is on the brink of starting her period, whereas I am in the throes of perimenopause.…

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Octobers theatre and music reviews

Here is a round up of what I’ve watched this month, Vonda Shepard – read full review over on InNewcastle. Gary Barlow – read full review over on InNewcastle. Beabadoobee – read full review over on InNewcastle. The Little Mermaid – coming soon – 25th October

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