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Unicorn obsessed – I think so!!!

The trend for unicorn love doesn’t appear to be diminishing at all. Every shop appears to at least a nod to this mythical creature. Unicorns first made an appearance in our household back in 2015 where Emily’s big sister pressie was the biggest unicorn you can imagine which lays proudly in Emily’s bed and is named…

A review of my fairy unicorn garden.

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Plumping the cushions

Hello everyone, recently I’ve spent more time sleeping on the sofa then it being my go to place to write, chat and be. Like everyone from time to time I needed to consolidate and learn to love my content again and in the background I have been writing some excellent stuff. A lot of it…

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Snowy comes home.

There was a little kitten who needed a home and a little girl and boy who were ready to show their love. The brother and sister waited patiently for days and days. The little girl, Emily hoped she didn’t have to wait as long as she did for her little brother, Luke aka Mr. Fox or Mr. Moo…

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A ballet twist in a 200 year old tale

We visited Northern Stage in Newcastle to watch the ballet production of Rumpelstiltskin by balletLORENT and here’s our review story….. A time upon once, is where this story starts, Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin a name like no other, this once Grimm tale has been rewritten by another. A golden Queen and a handsome King spend a…

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Stay Here: Living it up at The Lowry

A little reminisce….. Where do you go to spend some time with your partner before baby is born or infact whenever the fancy takes you? A five star hotel that’s where. When I put my cast out for a localish babymoon to mark our last date night before baby two arrived several hotels got in touch…

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