Ward Thomas serenades Sage Gateshead, transforming madness into music

It’s taken 11 years for Ward Thomas a modern country-pop duo to come onto my radar. Off to Sage Gateshead to see twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas and check out their newest album, ‘Music in the Madness.’

Founded in 2012, Ward Thomas, a name that might initially evoke thoughts of a legal practice, brings together two extremely talented women. Being twins may be part of the reason the musical connection and delivery so on point. Each women though are absolutely talented and have their own strengths. Their harmonies in sync and fully embraced by each other and the audience.

Supported by an exceptionally talented band, the duo went through their set list of 22 songs. I found tears in my eyes on numerous occasions as the lyrics hit me in a way that only good music can. From the intimate rendition of “Cartwheels,” where the duo took center stage with guitar and piano, to the energetic, country-infused beats of “Push For the Stride” and “Justice and Mercy” with the full band, including drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, and piano, the performance showcased their versatility.

Is it wrong that my favourite song of the evening was, I think I hate you, I do think it was down to

Beyond their musical expertise, the duo’s exceptional chemistry and crowd engagement created a warm and inviting atmosphere and with Catherine’s pregnancy, an added an extra layer of warmth and uniqueness as she was up and down like a yo-yo. The interactive segment during “I Believe in You,” where they divided the audience, leading a harmonious sing-along, underscored their ability to foster unity among concertgoers.

The evening reached its peak during the encore, featuring crowd favorites “Carry You Home” from ‘Cartwheels’ and “Love Does” from ‘Music In the Madness.’


  1. All Over Again
  2. Don’t Be a StrangerPlay Video
  3. Guilty Flowers
  4. One More Goodbye
  5. Unravel
  6. Cartwheels
  7. It’s Not Just Me
  8. Safe
  9. Hold Space
  10. America(Razorlight cover)
  11. Justice & Mercy
  12. Someday
  13. I Think I Hate You
  14. Joan Of Arc
  15. Loved By You
  16. Music In The Madness
  17. If It All Ends Today
  18. Push for the Stride
  19. I Believe in You
  20. Next To You
  21. Carry You Home
  22. Encore: Love Does

UPDATE 14.05.2023

Huge congratulations to Catherine on the 14th the following abbouncemet was made:

“He is here! Our Little baby boy was born at 3.10pm on the 12th of May weighing 7lb8. We are both doing very well xxxx


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