We love Boden even more (They donate to Scope)

Boden dressesIt was pouring down in Windermere (not unusual for the Lake District) so I ducked into the Scope charity shop to avoid it. Not that I love an excuse to browse the charity shops, I love a good bargain and am always amazed at what people tire of and donate.

Scope exists to “make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Having specialised to teach children with Special Educational Needs, it’s a charity really close to my heart and I always try and support them.

Anyway, needing shelter from rain that is always wetter in the Lakes than anywhere else in the UK, led me to two rails of brand new Boden clothing; the most fabulous British clothing label.

Chatting to the lovely volunteer, she told me that Boden make a corporate donation to Scope a couple of times each year. When I searched the Boden website, I couldn’t see Scope, but their commitment to support great initiatives is really worth a read.

Me in my I was delighted and stayed far longer in the Scope shop than I probably should have. But at least it had more or less stopped raining when I left.

Well done Boden I say. Donating unsold clothing to such a worthy charity means it doesn’t end up in landfill, the charity benefits massively and I got to buy three dresses for the price of one. Everyone wins.






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